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Tauqeer Zaidi was born on the 18th of April, 1970 in the famous city of Allahabad. He belongs to a Saadaat Family; “Syed” the house of the Prophet of Islam; He traces his linage through the fourth Imam Sajjad Zainul Abideen’s son Hazrat Zaid and hence the surname Zaidi.

Shairi – i.e. Poetry Writing is gifted to him in his genes because the crowned king of Urdu Language Akbar Allahbadi is his forefather. Right from childhood his attention was on Urdu Grammar and Language knowledge. At the age of 18 years his first book Sangam ki Lehren – a book on Ghazals was launched and the early launch is itself a success for this young talent;

some of the book’s praised para are here below...

" Neend roti hue ankhon se churane wale,,,
hum tujhe chayen se sone ki dua dete hain"
This is poetry
“jab satatey hain bahut gham ke andhere humko,,,
hum tere naam ki ek shamma jala dete hain”,.
And one very famous Poetry from the Book
Abhi bas aankh jhapki thi,,,abhi bas dard soya tha,,
Teri yadon ka phir jhokha chala aaya mere dil tak,

Another very much liked poem...
" Har lamha hamari hasti ka mansoob tumhare naam se hai,,
Wo jisme tumhara zikr na ho humne wo fasana chord diya.

After the successful launch of this first book; 2 years after comes another book on Nazams and Ghazals – Sahra. Here are some of its snippets. "Ajeeb karb hai hoton ki muskurahat me,,

Zamana haale-dile be-qarar kya jaaney.
And " Mujhko ye fikr satati hai ke maa bhuki hai,,
Aur maa ki ye tamanna hai ke dulhan aaye"
One more poem really touches the heart…
“Baad jaaney ke tumhare hum bahut ghabrayenge,
Apne pagal dil ko aakhir kis tarah behlayenge"
Jab teri yadon ke jhonke dard bankar aayenge,,
Raat ki tanhayiyon me thokren hum khayenge"

And after this his third book on Nauhe and Marsiye came up which is Aaho-fughan and then the fourth book Gurbat released full of Nazams on which he was awarded with Saraswat Samman Soon his book Daaro-Rasan which is ready will be published.

Tauqeer Zaidi completed his schooling from the famous Boy’s High School in Allahabad; and then he graduated and mastered from the Oxford of the East – University of Allahabad. Where education is concerned he is also planning on his doctorate degree. Apart from good Urdu and Hindi, he holds good catch of English, Arabic and Persian. He has always been connected to the media and journalism one of his profession at all times.

He has been the bureau chief for Film Screen, Nutan Kahaniyan, Fanzine, Urdu Express and to date he is working as Editor for and Acti Film Screen.

Talking about his work life, it was unsuccessful, it is because he could not work in the given atmosphere or it’s simply not in him. When he came to Bombay in 1995 he worked as a lecturer of a college, but that job ended just in 4 years and he went back to Allahabad, there he joined a degree college, and then limits were one things which Tauqeer was not in habit of it was just 8 months when he left that job too and in 2001 he returned to Bombay… During all this happening he did a serial for Sony TV “Taak Jhaak” which was from Yash Chopra Camp, and he continued in the entertainment industry by signing with Farough Siddiqui’s film “Kahani Kismat Ki” He then worked for Hamid Ali’s film “Jaan Pe khelegen Hum” he contributed with the best lyrics to the movie. While all this he did music albums with Times Music – Dhin Tara Plus Music’s Jawan ho gayiho” T-Series’s Nainawa, Universal Music’s Meri Chunnar Udd Udd Jaye and Teri main Prem Dewaani, which Falguni Pathak had sung. By this time these songs were being played around the world and gathered fame for him. But once again hunting for a profession apart from this hobby he went to Dubai and no sooner realized that his hobby is his profession. He could not be far away from the Bollywood Industry and returned in 2 years in 2004 and from then he is busy working. He’s done many albums and films during this period which include Shria Ghosal and Sunidhi Chauhaal’s “Lal Dupatta” then Javed Ali’s “Tere pyaar pe qurbaan” and 2 albums which are on releasing early next year sung by brother Tauseef Zaidi – they are Ammanaeh and Khamoshi. He is also done a movie 26th January Good Morning India and for serials Jail Main Hain Zindigi on Shakti Channel and Prerna on DD-1 he is a presenter. He is slowly and steadily moving in the entertainment industry, he is on the extreme choosy side does not like working with anyone and everyone. He likes to work only with people who match his heart. He is very emotional by nature and concerned for the industry’s falling quality of work. He wants once again Sahir Ludhyanvi type people to be given respect and duplicity to be shut.

He has also been a good sports person, if he was not to be a writer he would be a good cricketer. He played district level boxing and being obedient to his father he decided to leave his boxing gloves. Very few know that he has made about 100 painting also. He is a good artist and painter.

He hopes one day in bollywood he is really make it bigger in the top five and shine like the star.